How to Determine if You Need a Lawn Care Service Professional (…or not )

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…call in a professional lawn care service
for some help.

If you work long hours at your job and by
the end of the week, getting out there and mowing the grass is the last thing you want to do, a lawn care service professional may be the answer.

Many homes here in Rockwall have a decent sized yard, and even with newer lawnmowers, it can take an hour or more to mow. Plus you may need to do some edging and trimming. Add it all up and that could be time you would rather spend with your family, or doing other odd jobs around the house.

Of course, mowing is not the only concern. Having a healthy lawn is important too. If your grass is thin and spotty, or not growing in areas, you may need some professional help.

If you don’t know the difference between St. Augustine and Annual Ryegrass or the differences in cool season grasses and warm season grasses, you may want to get a lawn care professional to come help
you select the proper grass.

It’s also important to determine your watering needs. Just like us humans, your lawn needs proper hydration. That means ‘watering deep’ so you will support a strong and healthy root system. Having said that, it’s just as important not to drown your lawn. Too much water is an open invitation for disease. If you don’t know how much water is just right, you may want to call in a lawn care professional.

While many lawn care pros in the area do not specialize in landscaping, they may still be able to offer valuable insight in the selection and placement of various items within your landscape.

And they may be able to offer guidance on which plants will work well with… continued on page 3

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