Lawn Care Tips For a Picture Perfect Landscape

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… exactly the same. Very few soils are
fertile enough to supply all the nutrients
a healthy lawn needs.

So fertilizer focuses on the key nutrients lawns must have to grow thick and healthy.

It’s important to note that proper fertilization throughout the year is key to your lawn’s health.

Feed too little and your lawn can literally starve to death. But be aware of applying too much fertilizer. Adding a little extra is not a good idea. Apply too much and you will risk harming the grass, as well as
having run off flowing into surrounding waterways.

Make your first feeding after initial spring growth begins and the final feeding after last mowing of the season. Rule of thumb is to use a slow-release fertilizer for spring, summer and early fall feedings, and
a faster release formula for late fall.

3) Water it right.

Properly watering your lawn is vital to its health as it speeds photosynthesis and promotes an expansive root structure.

For optimum root growth, warm-season grasses need about 2 inches of water per week – (NOT PER DAY). Water should penetrate six to eight inches in to the soil. And just like with fertilizer, a little extra does much more harm than it does good. Over-watered lawns are more prone to fungal infections and unhealthy blade growth. Plus, excessive watering also increases the risk of fertilizer and pesticide run-off.

Now that your turf has a strong root system, is properly fed and…
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