Lawn Care Tips For a Picture Perfect Landscape

rockwall texas lawn care service tipsLawn Care in Rockwall TX – Rockwall is
a great little city known for its neighborly charm, above average lifestyle, and its picture perfect lawns and landscapes.

That being said, if you want your lawn to
be the envy of the neighborhood, prepare yourself for some challenges.

Not only does the climate make it difficult
to maintain your lawn’s health, a turf has to contend with limited water resources and a variety of harmful insects too.

You’re going to face a few obstacles — but in the long run, it’s going to be worth the extra effort, and it’s going to increase the enjoyment and beauty
of your home.

A lush and green, ‘envy-of-the-neighborhood’ lawn can be yours, if you follow these 5 simple steps.

1) Know your soil.

Knowing your soil is more important than most people are aware. Simply put, progress is far more certain
if the correct species of turf is selected. But without knowing your soil, you simply can’t be sure which turf is best suited for your lawn when certain species will benefit from certain soil types while others will struggle to survive.

A little investigation early on will go far in achieving your picture perfect lawn. So, once you know your soil and have determined the “best” turf, it’s important that you…

2) Feed it right.

Properly fertilizing your lawn is like giving yourself a multi-vitamin. Sure, you get most of the nutrients you need in your daily diet, but you don’t always get enough (or enough of the right kind). Your lawn is…
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